Joint and Back Pain Relief Through Internal Martial Arts

Learn to use yourself correctly and you will be pain free: That’s the basic mantra of the martial arts techniques and exercises I teach. The emphasis is on helping you understand your own issues and you fixing yourself. Responsibility is the key. Understanding how you got to where you are and how to get yourself in a better place is what this work is about.

Martial arts for stress release and joint and back pain relief

The emphasis I place on stress release and pain relief is postural. I’ve been strongly influenced by martial arts masters such as Frank Allen, Li Bing Ci and Edmond Wong as well as postural teachers such as Alexander and Egoscue. Most of the techniques and exercises I will discuss are based on one of these methods.

Joint pain remediation

I hope you’ll visit my weekly blog where you’ll read about methods, exercises and people who can help and encourage you on your journey to stress relief and pain relief.

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