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Cliff Martin

“I can’t run anymore. My knees hurt.”

“My back hurts so much I can’t play golf with my friends.”

“I used to walk everyday but my back and ankles hurt so much I’ve quit.”

These statements are common in our society and can come at any age or gender.
They are a symptom of a society with poor posture that comes from a lack of motion. This is a result of our jobs and schools where we sit all day. We aren’t made to sit. So when all we do is sit we develop these issues of pain and we quit moving even more. It is a circle of ill health.

Learn Pain Free is a practice to help clients eliminate pain in their backs and joints. In general we expect our clients to take responsibility for where they are in their bodies. We provide the framework to understand why they have pain.  Poor posture caused by lack of motion is the usual cause.  From the analysis we give you the tools to help correct the postural issues that have generated your pain.

Cliff Martin giving instruction on defense with a sword

Cliff Martin (left) giving instruction on defense with a sword

I use postural methods such as Egosue and Alexander to help analyze and correct issues. I broaden these methods by using Internal Energy techniques from the martial arts and Qi Gong.

I am focused on the needs of my clients. I work with individuals and adjust the techniques I use to their needs.  I try to give you tools to learn to manage your issues whatever they are.  The idea of personal responsibility means you must understand where you’re issues come from else you can’t feel that you are in charge.  The way I work is to give you the background and tools to prevent and manage your pain.

My Daily Routine

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