Hi. I’ve been busy on another project for the last couple of years. Now this project is back on the top of my list. You will be getting regular blog posts again and other subsidiary documents and videos on learning to be pain free. The emphasis for me is on you learning how to be pain free not in me being a guru. Remember somehow your posture got you into this place and postural methods can help get you out. Blessings to all of you and be talk to you soon. Cliff

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Recently there has been a change in the way Gmail processes your inbox.  It separates social media mail and what they deem to be promotions from regular email.  I’ve noticed quite a bit of consternation from the people I tend to subscribe to with instructions on how to fix this.

Some folks seem to think that Gmail is picking on them.  They feel like they are being discriminated against because they can’t get their message to you.  But you need to understand that Google doesn’t do these things arbitrarily.  They watch carefully how people treat their mail and try to follow the trends.  For example more tech savvy folks have built filters and labels to shunt things off the inbox.  I have filters built in that shove Facebook notifications into a label that I examine when I have some time.  So Google saw that lots of people were doing this and built it in.  I for one applaud it.

A lot of us try to pretend that what we are doing isn’t advertising.  It is.  It takes time to process and download free stuff.  It takes more time to read it or listen to it and after a while you get tired of the same old stuff from all the people you subscribe to.  Being hit once a day (or in extreme cases 3 times a day) isn’t productive.

If we have a good service its okay to tell people about it.  But don’t cry if it is labeled promotional because it is.  And maybe try to see things from the point of view of your customers or clients.  They want to be helped, not pestered or pressured.

My next blog will talk about customer service.

If you need some help with postural issues send me a note off my contact page at www.learnpainfree.com.  I wish you life without pain.

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Sorry I missed the last post. I was dealing with a family medical emergency (which turned out well) that prevented this. Also, that post was going to be a video of exercises you can use through your work day. After many tries I’m still not happy with the quality of the video so I’m postponing it for a few weeks. Don’t worry, it will be here soon.

Today I want to emphasize to you about the real time dynamics of posture and its relation to pain. One of the things we do when we have pain is confuse the location of the pain with the source of the pain. We think that if we have pain in our knee that we need to do something to make the muscles around the knee stronger and the pain will go away. This is not true.

An example will make this clear. About a month ago I had a long afternoon sitting at my computer writing a talk. I was quite focused on the task and had a goal to finish by 5 pm. I spent from 11:30 am to around 5:15 pm sitting in the chair with much fewer exercise breaks than I usually take. At 6 pm I noticed my left knee was giving me a lot of pain. It really hurt. Being aware of the issues of posture I did a quick survey of myself posturally. I noticed that my left hip was stiff and rotated slightly. I immediately did a series of exercises to eliminate the rotation. By 11 pm the pain in the knee was gone and my hip was aligned correctly.

The lesson from this example is two fold: 1) a clear example that things aren’t always caused by what we think causes them and 2) posture is dynamic. What I mean by the second point is once you get straight with good posture you live in the real world. Because of this your daily activities modify your posture. You must be sensitive to your feelings in your body and aware of changes that happen. When things change for the worse you must be willing to stop and do activities that get you back to your baseline. Even someone as trained and aware as me have issues. No state is fixed for ever. This is similar to how the head is attached to the body. It is attached dynamically, floating and rolling on top of the spine. If the head is balanced correctly your spine stays straight. Your overall posture is dynamic like this; it changes with conditions and you must monitor it and deal with those changes.

If you need some help with postural issues send me a note off my contact page at www.learnpainfree.com. I wish you life without pain.

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The other day I was watching two of my students practice a technique (Hapkido). One of them was having trouble with the technique and even though the senior student working with him was trying to help him he still wasn’t getting it.

“Do you know why you’re not successful at the technique?” I asked.

“No sir.”

“It’s because you don’t believe in the technique. You believe I can do it and other students but you just can’t see yourself doing it. You must believe you can do it to be able to visualize yourself doing it. It is essential.”

After a few more minutes getting him to see himself doing it he started to feel and believe in the technique and finally he did it. At a beginner level but it worked.

This act of belief is critical for all we do. If we can’t believe in what we are doing our success rate will be small. It doesn’t matter if is losing weight, planning a successful party or getting rid of back and joint pain – belief in the end result is a prerequisite for success.

How many times has someone said to you, “You have to be realistic. We live in the real world.”? What is the real world? Who said so? Researchers in consciousness have shown that we normally receive into our sensory apparatus more than a million bits of information per second. Our consciousness only processes 14 bits per second. So what is the real world? It is a product of our constructed interpretation of what the world is. In short what we believe.

So do yourself a favor. Believe in what you want to accomplish. Forget your gripes about others. Forget that the deck seems stacked against you. Forget the accident and the pain you feel. Block out the ‘help’ of others. Block out the naysayers. Believe. Believe in the end result you want. If you do it will work. The results will be incremental as your belief might be tentative. But as you believe more and more your results will improve.

Belief and the 5 minute rule move mountains.

If you need help fill out the contact form.

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You’ve heard me say that most postural and joint problems come from a lack of motion. This means you have to exercise i.e. move on a regular basis; Daily. For years I and others have preached this. But in general people still find all kinds of excuses not to move.  The biggest excuse is, “I don’t have enough time”. To counter that, use my 5 minute rule. The expression of this rule is, “I will exercise for 5 minutes every day”. Immediately you will say that 5 minutes a day is useless, it can’t do anything. In contrast I will point out that 5 minutes a day is 35 minutes per week, 150 minutes per month and 1800 minutes (30 hours) per year. This is hardly nothing.  Also the rule doesn’t say you can’t exercise more. If you end up doing more some days that is fine. But by giving yourself a goal of 5 minutes this reduces the resistance to taking the time. Your motivation stays high. I use this technique for things beside exercise. Currently I’m studying a new mathematics book and I’m using the 5 minute rule every day with it.

I will tell you that although I’ve been teaching this for over 20 years very few of my students have embraced it.  They have such a difficult time suspending their belief that learning involves stretching yourself and pain. If you want to make a real change in your life give the 5 minute rule a shot.

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