(photo courtesy of Roger Burkhard).

(photo courtesy of Roger Burkhard).

This blog has been a bit moribund lately due mostly to changes in location and other big things. This past year has seen me make progress on publishing a book about creating and maintaining a pain free life. The next few weeks I’ll be blogging about the book and you’ll be getting a sneak preview of the book and its contents. Once it is published you’ll get a significant discount as members of the community.

Have you ever been in pain? You got out of bed and your legs buckle as a wave of pain ripples up your back.  “What did I do?” You can’t understand it. You take some aspirin or Ibuprofen and hope. You lie back down and over the next day or two it starts to go back to normal but you are wary and baby that back because that wave of pain was so bad you never want it again. (Photo courtesy of Yuris Alhumaydy)

So why did it happen? Did you have other episodes whether running or walking or playing tennis where pain hit you? Why did it happen? The short answer is lack of motion. The longer answer is lack of postural awareness as you sit, stand or lie down. And the subtext is you sit too much. You can sit so it doesn’t cause pain but it takes an awareness that when we are working or watching TV disappears from our awareness.

“Ok, Cliff. So what is the first principle of being pain free? I’ve been there with the pain. Tell me the first principle so I can start working on it.”

The first principle is easy but hard to accept.

The First Principle is that you are responsible for your pain. You got yourself into pain. The corollary is that since you got yourself into it you can get yourself to be pain free.

I know, I can hear you screaming, “I’m not responsible for the idiot who ran a red light and hit my car.” Or, “How can I be responsible when I fell down the stairs and broke my arm?” We all have accidents. We all have stories. And most of those stories are about blaming others and then shifting the healing of you to others. Guess what? It doesn’t work very well. Only you have the true motivation to be the best you can be. I never said you’d be a Steffi Graf or a Michael Jordan from where you started. But you can accept the responsibility for your pain. And from there with a little guidance and help you will create a toolkit to manage your body through movement;To be pain free.

And that is what I am here; to show you the way. Why me? I’ve been a movement junkie for most of my life. I’ve studied postural methods such as Egoscue (certified) and Alexander and I am a martial artist with deep knowledge of the body and its function through more than 40 years of practice. This includes Qi Gong, Tai Ji, Ba Qua, Xing Yi, Tang So Do, Hapkido and Kundalini Yoga . I’ve developed a unified way of looking, diagnosing and ‘fixing’ people. I provide tools so people can take care of themselves. What I’ve learned over many years of working with others is that there is great success if people accept the First Principle and take responsibility. This gives them courage and hope because they are affirming that their outcome is in their hands. Spend some time coming to grips with this principle. How many times a day do you curse under your breath and blame someone else or the computer or the printer? Start owning your life. See you next time for the next step on your way to a pain free life.

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