Recently there has been a change in the way Gmail processes your inbox.  It separates social media mail and what they deem to be promotions from regular email.  I’ve noticed quite a bit of consternation from the people I tend to subscribe to with instructions on how to fix this.

Some folks seem to think that Gmail is picking on them.  They feel like they are being discriminated against because they can’t get their message to you.  But you need to understand that Google doesn’t do these things arbitrarily.  They watch carefully how people treat their mail and try to follow the trends.  For example more tech savvy folks have built filters and labels to shunt things off the inbox.  I have filters built in that shove Facebook notifications into a label that I examine when I have some time.  So Google saw that lots of people were doing this and built it in.  I for one applaud it.

A lot of us try to pretend that what we are doing isn’t advertising.  It is.  It takes time to process and download free stuff.  It takes more time to read it or listen to it and after a while you get tired of the same old stuff from all the people you subscribe to.  Being hit once a day (or in extreme cases 3 times a day) isn’t productive.

If we have a good service its okay to tell people about it.  But don’t cry if it is labeled promotional because it is.  And maybe try to see things from the point of view of your customers or clients.  They want to be helped, not pestered or pressured.

My next blog will talk about customer service.

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