Recently there has been a change in the way Gmail processes your inbox.  It separates social media mail and what they deem to be promotions from regular email.  I’ve noticed quite a bit of consternation from the people I tend to subscribe to with instructions on how to fix this.

Some folks seem to think that Gmail is picking on them.  They feel like they are being discriminated against because they can’t get their message to you.  But you need to understand that Google doesn’t do these things arbitrarily.  They watch carefully how people treat their mail and try to follow the trends.  For example more tech savvy folks have built filters and labels to shunt things off the inbox.  I have filters built in that shove Facebook notifications into a label that I examine when I have some time.  So Google saw that lots of people were doing this and built it in.  I for one applaud it.

A lot of us try to pretend that what we are doing isn’t advertising.  It is.  It takes time to process and download free stuff.  It takes more time to read it or listen to it and after a while you get tired of the same old stuff from all the people you subscribe to.  Being hit once a day (or in extreme cases 3 times a day) isn’t productive.

If we have a good service its okay to tell people about it.  But don’t cry if it is labeled promotional because it is.  And maybe try to see things from the point of view of your customers or clients.  They want to be helped, not pestered or pressured.

My next blog will talk about customer service.

If you need some help with postural issues send me a note off my contact page at  I wish you life without pain.

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You hurt. You have back or shoulder pain that comes and goes. Sometimes a chiropractor helps but what happens when it happens at 11 pm? You take aspirin and suffer.

I’m going to show you a simple exercise that is well known but very powerful. It is called wall sits. Your feet are hip width apart as you stand with your back to a wall. Sit down pushing your lower back against the wall. Make sure your knees are straight out from your hips not spread.  Slide down the wall so your knees make a right angle. See the photo in Figure 1.


Figure 1

Figure 1


When you sit like this you raise your toes and push with your leg muscles into the heels. You push with your lower back. Your upper back doesn’t touch the wall. Your hands don’t help; they just dangle beside your hips. Figure 2 shows how the toes are raised and pressure is on the heels.

This exercise is an all around conditioner. If you don’t use your thigh muscles much (as most sedentary people don’t) within a few seconds your thighs will be on fire. You should be able to hold this position for 2 minutes. If you can’t keep practicing until you reach a minute, then 2. Rotation in your hips will start to be eliminated and joint pain in the lower extremities (hip to ankles) will be reduced. A bonus will be that walking will seem more effortless as your gait muscles become stronger. Make it a daily routine and you’ll be happy you did. Give it a try and I’ll see you next time.


Figure 2

Figure 2

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Why do our backs and joints hurt so much as we get older? Older can be as young as 40 years old.

There are two main causes of back and joint pain.

  1. Weekend warrior syndrome where we sit all day and then try to get in shape on the weekends.  In short we abuse our bodies by too high intensity workouts intermittently.
  2. The second reason is lack of motion in our lives in general.

Our backs and hips sit in a chair all day with the spine in flexion, unchanging. This tends to cause back or joint pain due to the lack of movement in the spine.  The ultimate reason for both of these situations is improper posture.

 Our daily lives don’t incorporate motion in them. 

You claim your shoulder hurts and blame it on the tennis racket. In reality for most of each 24 hour day your shoulder never goes through a full range of motion. So over time it can’t and one day you stretch and oh my, my shoulder hurts! What we understand then is that it is posture that matters.

How the martial arts can help.

In the internal martial arts posture is everything. You must be in balance and able to move fluently.  You can’t be in good balance if your posture is off i.e. if you are dealing with pain.

I will be talking about how to correct your posture and suggesting simple things to help.  Next week I’ll give you a simple exercise that helps with hip rotation and posture and strengthens your thigh muscles. Until then keep straight and move more.

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Pain, Fitness and Health


This blog is about dealing with pain.  Pain is something we all have sometime in our life.  It is a message that warns us that things are not right.  Generally we’ve had a message much earlier that something isn’t well in our bodies.  This might be tightness, soreness or a decrease in range of motion of some joint.  We dismiss these warnings or take a pill.  After sometime these subtle warnings become more obvious and end in pain.  Pain we can’t ignore.  For the most part I deal with people in pain.  They have ignored the warning signs for a long time.  This means it will take a corresponding time to become pain free.  This may not be acceptable to you.  Many want the elimination of symptoms immediately.  For them surgery and/or medication are acceptable solutions.  My focus is on health.  My belief is that symptoms are indicators of an issue that is at the foundation of your health.  Elimination of symptoms without addressing the real issue means that other symptoms will show up somewhere else.  A good example of this is a knee replacement.  Your knee hurts with constant pain.  This is an indication of poor posture and incorrect usage but your doctor says a knee replacement will fix everything.  The new knee works well.  You haven’t addressed the true problem so in about 9 months after the knee replacement your ankle or your hip starts hurting.


I believe we can learn to deal with these issues without drugs or surgery.  I’ll be talking more about this and the modalities I use in future posts.  A note about this blog: this is a moderated blog.  I will allow comments that are contributions to the discussion of what I am teaching.  Abuse and flames will not be posted.  If you need to consult with me see the Contact page.  Until next time stay pain free.



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