The other day I was watching two of my students practice a technique (Hapkido). One of them was having trouble with the technique and even though the senior student working with him was trying to help him he still wasn’t getting it.

“Do you know why you’re not successful at the technique?” I asked.

“No sir.”

“It’s because you don’t believe in the technique. You believe I can do it and other students but you just can’t see yourself doing it. You must believe you can do it to be able to visualize yourself doing it. It is essential.”

After a few more minutes getting him to see himself doing it he started to feel and believe in the technique and finally he did it. At a beginner level but it worked.

This act of belief is critical for all we do. If we can’t believe in what we are doing our success rate will be small. It doesn’t matter if is losing weight, planning a successful party or getting rid of back and joint pain – belief in the end result is a prerequisite for success.

How many times has someone said to you, “You have to be realistic. We live in the real world.”? What is the real world? Who said so? Researchers in consciousness have shown that we normally receive into our sensory apparatus more than a million bits of information per second. Our consciousness only processes 14 bits per second. So what is the real world? It is a product of our constructed interpretation of what the world is. In short what we believe.

So do yourself a favor. Believe in what you want to accomplish. Forget your gripes about others. Forget that the deck seems stacked against you. Forget the accident and the pain you feel. Block out the ‘help’ of others. Block out the naysayers. Believe. Believe in the end result you want. If you do it will work. The results will be incremental as your belief might be tentative. But as you believe more and more your results will improve.

Belief and the 5 minute rule move mountains.

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