My Classes are in Ithaca, NY at the St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, 402 N. Aurora St., Ithaca, NY 14850. At present, I’m offering two classes:

Tuesday morning 11 am. Qi Gong and Energy Management

Northern_Wu_Style_Push_HandsThis class is a combination of traditional Qi Gong blended with methods for managing pain using postural methods. I’ll focus on getting students to feel the body first; then to feel the subtle movement in the body of what we call energy. You will learn to move this energy at first with physical movement and the breath. After a time of training you will be able to move that energy with your mind. With sufficient interest we may move into Taoist meditation practices. You will learn to feel your body, every part. You will recognize tension and have movements to help release it. You will learn to identify postures that bring you pain and relief. You will learn to love your breath. Dress in comfortable clothes that let you move easily and bring a mat, such as a yoga mat for some seated Qi Gong.

Wednesday evening 7:00 pm. Northern Wu Tai Ji. 45 Posture form.

This class is an introduction to Tai Ji through the Beijing Northern Wu form. This intermediate length form is unique in Tai Ji, as it balances right and left side energies in the body. This is contrary to most long forms, including the Northern Wu long form. You will learn to move with balance and grace and improve your posture, first deliberately, then naturally as you feel your breath move and generate your motion. In this class you will learn to 1) expand and compress your joints (for better joint health), 2) feel all parts of your body and 3) learn to move through your lower Tan Tien. You will learn to release tension in your body as you practice. Although this isn’t a martial arts class you will learn push hands that will teach you about the intrinsic tension you carry in your body and learn how to release it by playing with another. This practice is not competitive but instructive. Dress in comfortable clothes that will let you move easily.

The first class will be July 3, 2018 for the Qi Gong class and July 5 for the Tai Ji class. Subsequent Tai Ji classes will be held on Wednesdays at 7 pm. We are doing Thursday July 5 because the Wednesday is a holiday; July 4!

Contact information

Email to schedule an appointment.  I recommend emailing me first and we will set a time to discuss  your issue and determine if this is for you.