Do You Ask Questions?

April 30, 2024

One of the things that cause teachers of all kinds to pull out their hair is the reluctance of students to ask questions. There are all kinds of reasons given for why they don’t ask questions. The real issue though is that this sets a pattern for the rest of their lives. A doctor says something, and you don’t ask questions. Later you get a result you don’t like that could have been prevented if you had asked a simple question. This happens in all parts of our lives.

Last week I needed a crown for a tooth. The diagnosis was based on some simple tests. The conclusion was that I had a crack that was causing my pain, and I needed a crown. They couldn’t see the crack but needed to go ahead. I knew they couldn’t see it because I asked. As the procedure went forward, I listened to the dentist and her assistant discuss what was on going. I heard them say, “There’s the crack.” When I could talk, I asked, “You found the crack?” She answered, “Yes, it was localized, and we were able to eliminate it. Good news.” When we were done, I asked about care and treatment of the temporary crown. Specifically, I asked about flossing. The dentist demonstrated on my tooth how to do the flossing with the temporary crown which was much different than my usual technique.  I asked as many questions as I could think of, and she answered them all.

Why am I relating this story? Because when you are practicing or learning how to use your body you must ask as many questions as possible that will affect your health and technique. You may think the question is stupid, but I assure you your trainer or teacher doesn’t. It shows that you want to learn. It shows you value his/her expertise and advice. More importantly you receive insight into how to do the technique that is experiential. The teacher will expand the message further with details that make things clearer to you. It gets to the core which is your ability to master that method or exercise. If your teacher hates your questions, find another teacher.

You have heard this message all through your life. It applies as much now as an adult as it did when you were a young child in school. There are no stupid questions! Believe it and make your life better with questions.

To a life full of questions,


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