Do You Know What ‘Iatrogenic Diseases’ Are?

March 19, 2024

Iatrogenic diseases are diseases caused by medical treatment. The relationship of these diseases to pain management has been around for a very long time. Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last 15 years you are aware of the opioid crisis. This disease is an iatrogenic disease. Physicians want to stop their patients complaining and so prescribe these drugs. They are incentivized by the pharmaceutical firms to prescribe these addictive medications. Hence, a new disease appears. Instead of getting their patients into the hands of practitioners like me, they take the easy route (for them) and help create a very nasty societal problem.

This has been going on for a very long time. Don’t believe me? Here are two ads from the turn of the century (19th to the 20th century). The first ad was run by Bayer who proudly extolled heroin as a cough suppressant. The lab that made the heroin laced cough suppressant is now used to make aspirin. The second ad was run by Martin H. Smith & Co., Chemists said, “The problem of administering heroin in proper doses in such form as will give the therapeutic virtues of this drug full sway, and will suit the palate of the most exacting adult or the most capricious child, has been solved by the pharmaceutical compound known as GLYCO-HEROIN. The results attained with Glyco-Heroin in the alleviation and cure of cough are attested by numerous clinical studies that have appeared in the medical journals within the past few years.” Yes, the symptoms of the cough were reduced at the cost of entering the road to addiction and perhaps death.

You think this isn’t going on today? On television from 5 in the evening to around 9 most if the ads are about new drugs you should be taking if you have certain diseases. They talk about the wonders of their clinical trials. Do yourself a favor and listen to the side effects of taking the drug. They should make you shiver. Why are they appealing to the general audience directly? They tell the patients to ask their doctor for the advertised drug. They found out that sales increased by 30% with this advertising. I believe we have some new crises coming due to doctors being overwhelmed with patients demands for help and the drug companies pushing their drugs. Unfortunately, the people put in place to protect the public such as the FDA and the National Institutes of Health are not of much help. They don’t do a particularly good job and since the law changed in 2011 that made it legal for researchers at the NIH to take bribes (they don’t call them bribes but research consulting) from the drug companies it is getting worse.

As usual, you are on your own. Before accepting a drug or vaccine do your own research. For example, 3 years ago my doctor was pushing me to take a pneumonia vaccine. I did some research on it and found out that Britain’s National Health Service had stopped recommending it because a long-term study showed it didn’t work. This is the kind of research you need to do.

I acknowledge that when you are in pain in your body you just want it to stop. And doing exercises and learning to understand the relationship of posture to pain is work. And you want it to stop ‘right now’! The best thing to do if you are hurting is to get on the floor, put your feet up on a chair and lie there until the pain recedes. If you get tired of lying on the floor, do wall sits for a few minutes. Then get back on the floor. Eventually you will be able to move without pain. Then you can start the process of fixing your posture. This will fix your pain in the long term and give you a better daily life.

If you need help, reach out. Come study Qi Gong, Tai Ji or Ba Qua with me to use motion to create good posture and a fulfilling life.

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