Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone

April 16, 2024

Do you know what homeostasis is? This is the tendency or impetus for the organism to stay the same. For example, if you try to lose weight or gain weight your body says, “Whoa, that’s not normal. Let’s put the breaks on that!” This, in the beginning, is one of the issues with weight loss or gain. The body sees this as a threat to its established pattern and attempts to stop it. This is the comfort zone.

Here is the rub. Everything you do that is perceived as new is perceived as a threat by the body/mind. It manifests in the mind as reasons to quit or not attempt something new. Or, when some action needs to be taken to create the new thing procrastination sets in. These can be quite subtle messages such as, “I’m tired. I can do it later or better yet tomorrow.” Or “I don’t quite understand this. Maybe I should ask Jack, who knows all about this stuff before I start.” Even more subtle is the message, “I’m really not enough of an expert. I can’t really be successful.”

These kinds of messages are pure sabotage. They stop you dead. Here’s the kicker, at the same time that you are stopped you feel better. Why? Because you didn’t challenge your comfort zone. You stayed in it. And although there might be a bit of guilt there is an overwhelming feeling of relief. The struggle is over.

“Okay, Cliff. I get it. How do I deal with this sabotage?” There are many ways but the way I think is best is to get a very strong why behind your venture into something new. If you lost your job and have a family to support, starting a new company will seem necessary. You can attack the subtle messages by saying that what you are doing is a matter of survival. Finding the why behind your doing something new can be difficult. The reasons you give can’t be silly or grandiose. For example, saying I want to be rich isn’t a good why. It is too unclear and certainly doesn’t stir the blood. And the reasons behind the why are more emotional than rational. Your why must stir your blood. When you wake up in the morning your why needs to shoot you out of bed with the excitement to come to grips with your tasks. Your big why isn’t a goal. It is the picture of who you desire to be in the future. This can be intimidating. You want to become someone else. And that threatens your body and mind. After all, a new you is eliminating the old you. And that is terrifying to your subconscious and your conscious mind. That is the source of the sabotaging messages. If you create a why that you love, then the obstacles to your success are greatly diminished. That doesn’t mean that you won’t have issues on your path. But the internal messages that stop you before you start are now controllable and the motivation to attack your new dream is high.

Spend the time and effort to create a why that makes you smile every time you think about it. If you need help with this write to me.

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