The 5 Minute Rule

You’ve heard me say that most postural and joint problems come from a lack of motion. This means you have to exercise i.e. move on a regular basis; Daily. For years I and others have preached this. But in general people still find all kinds of excuses not to move.  The biggest excuse is, “I don’t have enough time”. To counter that, use my 5 minute rule. The expression of this rule is, “I will exercise for 5 minutes every day”. Immediately you will say that 5 minutes a day is useless, it can’t do anything. In contrast I will point out that 5 minutes a day is 35 minutes per week, 150 minutes per month and 1800 minutes (30 hours) per year. This is hardly nothing.  Also the rule doesn’t say you can’t exercise more. If you end up doing more some days that is fine. But by giving yourself a goal of 5 minutes this reduces the resistance to taking the time. Your motivation stays high. I use this technique for things beside exercise. Currently I’m studying a new mathematics book and I’m using the 5 minute rule every day with it.

I will tell you that although I’ve been teaching this for over 20 years very few of my students have embraced it.  They have such a difficult time suspending their belief that learning involves stretching yourself and pain. If you want to make a real change in your life give the 5 minute rule a shot.

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