What people say about Clifford Martin

“I have known Master Martin for over 40 years. I have been a student of Master Martin’s for more than 15 years. He has helped me when I have been injured. He has helped me heal when I was sick. He has also helped me when I was not feeling like myself. His methods are simple and effective. When I need help or instruction, it is he who I turn to without hesitation.”

– Oneil Brown

“I’ve been a student of Cliff’s for many years. His postural work, using the martial arts and Egoscue methods, have helped solve lifelong nagging issues I’ve had with my body. Working with Cliff is easy and he has a wealth of knowledge about methods for healing pain. If you’re reading this, you’re ready to be convinced. Dive in and see for yourself.”

– Mark Wall

Praise for Joint Pain Be Gone

“This book has been instrumental to me in restoring my good health. Understanding that posture was at the root of my issues has been illuminating and freeing. The exercises from the book have let my body heal. My movement is much improved and, unexpectedly, my digestion and my sleep are also much better! I’m so glad to have this resource. If you are in pain I highly recommend you get this book and use the knowledge within. It’s life changing.”

– Arlene Dodds

My Daily Routine

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